Back to blogging

It's strange, when I was just getting on the Internet. Mm 2009? Damn I’m old. Can't remember. Maybe 2007. I was one of the first wedding photographers in Toronto to set up a daily blog.

Now I find myself back in the position of restarting blog on my website thinking about all the different possibilities.

I'm going to stick to posting images old wedding images and telling little stories. These are mosting local Toronto weddings with a few Floridian ones mixed in.


This is Anna and Bart a wonderful couple from Toronto. I do believe she is Italian and he is Polish. Shot in 2006 this is one of the first Photoshop engagement images where we remove the colour from the background and left just the bride and groom in colour. They used this as one of the three images is that they chose for a collage of three pictures in a frame that was shown at their wedding.

2006 Engagement photograph Toronto Ontario

The more things change the more they stay the same

Another bridal show done! Thank you to all who came to the the show and to those existing and former brides who stop by to visit. It's always special to reminisce and I take great delight in surprising couples with how much I actually remember!

Over the years Marianna and I have been privileged to be a part of over 800 weddings in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and Scarborough. As well as numerous weddings in South Florida.

Our wedding season runs from March to March. So that means that in less than a month our 2017 season (in Toronto) will close and we will be focusing (photo pun) mainly on booking couples from 2018.

If you are getting married in 2017 ---- WE HAVE A SPECIAL!!

So long as we are open for your date we are offering a discount of 25% off all photo/video packages. To recieve the discount you MUST make an appointment and meet Jean at the studio. We just want to say hi and learn more about your day. 

Contact Marianna at 416 831 8942 or fill out the form below to have her call you. 

McMicheal Art Gallery | Klienburg Ontario

McMicheal Art Gallery | Klienburg Ontario

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If you know.

Back to work - but its complicated

Nice to be back at work. Took a week off and woke up freaking out yesterday. Nervous and sweaty. Couldn't figure out the problem until I checked my email and spend an hour on the computer. Subconsciously my body was saying "get your ass back to work"

The complicated part is that I am in Florida. Hard to work with so much sunshine and 4 kids to entertain. Oh well. Setting aside a few hours a day. Nice to be back.

So what's up??? Many many things!

- We are reopening the studio in Florida!! Over the next few weeks, we will be booking weddings for people who live in South Florida. Anywhere from Miami to Orlando. 


- New website for Canada will be changing dramatically over the next few days


- New website for USA!!! is currently under construction

- BRIDAL SHOWS!!! Visit us at Canada's bridal show this Canada's Bridal Show - January 6, 7 & 8, 2017


It's fall


Bridal shows are over. Photo is ringing off the hook & kids are ALL in school.

I love the fall.

Mostly because of the colours, but also because it's cool. Will miss my Crocs though.  Over the years we have shot hundreds of Fall engagement shoots. Here are a few of my favorites.





Having a blast!

So yesterday I decided to look for a wedding photo I had of me and Marianna that was stuck between the glass and the table on my desk at my home office.Marianna and I work from home unless we have appointments at the studio. I've deliberately set up my life so that I can spend as much time with my family as possible. 


Anyhow. Couldn't find the photo. Turns out that during the move (last month we moved to Nobleton) the movers removed all the stuff that was between the glass and aparantely stuck it all one of the drawers. WEEEELLL. During the search I ended up looking for digital version. I eventually found the actual print - but also came across my old blog, with a treasure trove of posts.

It's got me back in the mood. So I'm going to try to post Mon-Thurs and see how that works out for a while. 


Old photo of the day. 

Sandra and Frank 2005 - shot at University of Toronto

New photo of the day

Maria and Mike - shot at Peter and Paul The Manor

How we met

I met Marianna, my wife, when she was the photographer at my brother's wedding. My brother hired Marianna's father's company to shoot his wedding and the photographer that showed up was my wife.

Needless to say, I was bedazzled and immediately had to stalk to her.
hehe hehe Make and appointment and I will tell you the full story. 

Put it this way. We were engaged within 3 months & now have 4 kids. 



Horrific events are happening all over the world. While Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms have made the world a smaller place, it also can get pretty scary.

When it gets too much - I unplug. 

Here are a few family photos that made me smile. 


Back in Canada!~!

So nice to be back in Canada after spending time in my second home Florida.

I love Florida because it gives me time to think. Even though I continue editing and speaking to customers, I get 100% more family time. 

One thing is clear - I need to post on my blog more often. Will TRY to post every day except Saturday or when shooting a wedding.

Here is the post of the day - check out the photos we took at Peter and Paul the manor few months ago.

The link is to our customer preview page that EVERY customer that we shoots gets as part of all photo packages.


Wedding Kiss pet peeve

I really need to start recording these blogs. It's in the works, I promise.



Wedding Pet Peeve #192


The wedding kiss that is .00003 secs long.

Sure its odd to kiss in front of:

  • Your mom
  • His/her mom
  • Your friends
  • The priest or minister
  • the wedding photographer
  • the person who is a guest of a friend you knew when you were 4

But that kiss is a reflection of your passion!!! Make that sucker huge. Take at least 4 full seconds.


1 1000

2 1000

3 1000

4 1000

If you are the groom, cup her face for a second then SLOWLY go in for the kiss. Not only will it make every girl in the crowd swoon, it will photograph well!!!


Now that is a kiss!!!

So it ends and so it begins

When I met Marianna at my brothers wedding in 1996 all I could remember was these words repeating over and over....

"she's out of my league"

"she's out of my league"

"she's out of my league"

But as the day progressed I started to worry what would happen if I did not start talking to her. Did not impress her with my wit and charm. 

Finally I thought. Screw it. I'm going to talk to her. 

Well we now have 4 kids and have been married nearly 20 years. Wow! I can't believe it. For the past 10 years I have been joking that once we hit 20 years I would change the name of the company to the first initial of each of our children.

Sammy, Isaac & Gabby. 

Of course, I wanted to name them 

Sammy, Elmer and Xavier.....

Oh well. It's now been 20 years. 

Welcome to SIGS Photography. 

Sammy, Isaac, Gabby & Saul.