Wedding Kiss pet peeve

I really need to start recording these blogs. It's in the works, I promise.



Wedding Pet Peeve #192


The wedding kiss that is .00003 secs long.

Sure its odd to kiss in front of:

  • Your mom
  • His/her mom
  • Your friends
  • The priest or minister
  • the wedding photographer
  • the person who is a guest of a friend you knew when you were 4

But that kiss is a reflection of your passion!!! Make that sucker huge. Take at least 4 full seconds.


1 1000

2 1000

3 1000

4 1000

If you are the groom, cup her face for a second then SLOWLY go in for the kiss. Not only will it make every girl in the crowd swoon, it will photograph well!!!


Now that is a kiss!!!