Having a blast!

So yesterday I decided to look for a wedding photo I had of me and Marianna that was stuck between the glass and the table on my desk at my home office.Marianna and I work from home unless we have appointments at the studio. I've deliberately set up my life so that I can spend as much time with my family as possible. 


Anyhow. Couldn't find the photo. Turns out that during the move (last month we moved to Nobleton) the movers removed all the stuff that was between the glass and aparantely stuck it all one of the drawers. WEEEELLL. During the search I ended up looking for digital version. I eventually found the actual print - but also came across my old blog, with a treasure trove of posts.

It's got me back in the mood. So I'm going to try to post Mon-Thurs and see how that works out for a while. 


Old photo of the day. 

Sandra and Frank 2005 - shot at University of Toronto

New photo of the day

Maria and Mike - shot at Peter and Paul The Manor