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Jean, Marianna, Camille, Natasha, Cole, Allesandra, Jane, Lior, Alex, Sam, Alex A, Tim, Karel, & Isay have been shooting wedding photography and video in the Toronto and southern Ontario region for 20 years.  

Our customers are typically people who are looking for a fun day of memories captured in a classy photo journalistic contemporary approach.


265 Rimrock Rd unit 2a
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 3A6
416 831 8942

NOTE:  We are located in the same unit as Canada Home Movies / Digital Treasures. Please come in and ask for Jean. 


ps: What does SIGS photo actually mean? 

SIGS is a strange name. We know.
But since Marianna and I met (click here for the story) we have always joked that we would name our photography studio after the the 1st letters of our kid's names.



Corny. We know.