Engagement Photo price list

For those people who have NOT booked us for their wedding


6 instalments of $325

+ tax

Package A

All inclusive package that includes portraits, 3x 16x16x16 collage framed, location of choice, signing books, Approx. 40-50 5x5 prints and high resolution digital flies. 


4 instalments of $400

+ tax

Package B

This package include includes 3 14x14x14 collages, location of choice, 40-50 5x5 prints and high resolution digital flies. 


4 instalments of $300

= tax

Package c

This package include includes 3 10x10x10 collage, Approx. 40-50 5x5 prints and limited digital flies with watermark



+ tax

Package D

All inclusive package that includes a 20x20 portrait, Approx. 40-50 5x5 prints and limited digital flies with watermark



  • Portraits. We offer a wide variety of portrait sizes ranging from 14x14 to 40x40. All portraits are sold ONLY mounted & framed

  • Engagement Signing book: a beautiful 10x10 guest book with a black linen cover. 10 pages plus front and back includes custom design and choice of 20 images.

  • 40-50 5x5 prints. Our photographers will shoot approximately 60-70 photos and our editors will edit them to produce a final selection of approximately 40-50 stunning 5x5 printed photographs. Theses images do NOT have watermarks are NOT available without purchasing a portrait of any size. 

  • Location of choice. We offer to shoot your engagement photography session at any of these places at ZERO charge. However, there are those who wish to shoot at a specific place. To cover the cost of transportations there is a nominal fee. 

  • Collages: Our biggest complaint is that it's impossible to narrow down images to just one. For that reason, we created a number of collage images that incorporate 3 & 4 images of various sizes

  • Masonite mounting & Spray protection: Portraits are supposed to last. By mounting your Engagement portrait on Masonite and having it coated with special UV protected spray we ensure your Engagement portrait will be around for your grand kids. And theirs. 


Engagement Shoot Process

STEP ONE: Booking an appointment

Simply give us a call or text message anytime at 416-831-8942. Let us know which package you are interested in. We will work out a time and date that is convient for all. We include several parks where there is zero location fees. Click here for a list. If you choose a package with a location fee included - let us know asap where you wish to shoot. 

An email will be sent confirming the time and date of the shoot and how to send your 1st instalment by e-transfer. Additionally we will provide you with suggestions on hair, make up and how to dress for the best results.  

(Note: Weekends are extremely difficult as our team of photographers are shooting weddings nearly every weekend) 


STEP TWO: Engagement shoot day!

STEP Three: Photo Review

Once the images are ready for review you are invited to the studio to review them with one of our professional photographers. They will help you choose different options that are available and explain how Photo editing can be used to not only enhance images, but how to fix certain issues you may wish fixed. Your 40-50 5x5 photos are printed on true photographic paper so that you can see the incredible quality. 

(Note: We do NOT provide digital images to preview online. You MUST make an appointment (approximate 90 mins) to review the images in person.