Distillery District | Toronto, Ont

Distillery District | Toronto, Ont

Engagement Photography

First, you should know that we INCLUDE an Engagement photography session in every single one of our packages. No matter how much you spend, we will include a session at a park where we will take professional engagement photos of your and your fiance.

For those couples who already have a wedding photographer click here for more information on how to book your Engagement Photography Session

Pre wedding Engagement photos are what we believe to be the key to amazing wedding photos. We include an engagement photo session FREE with every package. At your 1-1.5 hour session you will meet up with Jean, the lead photographer at SIGS Photography and he will take you through a kind of wedding day tutorial. You will have a BLAST! Our sessions typically take place at Mill Pond in Richmond Hill, Ontario however, you can specify a location for an additional fee.

Once your session is completed, our team will edit and print images for your review. Marianna will schedule an appointment to meet with us at the studio and you will be able to review the images in person. We offer an incredible selection of high end frames and printing options. By far the most popular, is our engagement collages. These 3 image triptychs sit in Italian moulding, mounted on masonite, within professional gallery acid free mattes.  



Why do we shoot FREE Engagement sessions with every wedding package?

We include a free engagement photography session in every photo package because:

  1. Engagement photo sessions give the bride and groom AND the photographer a chance to get to know one another. You have the opportunity to discuss your preferences and ask questions. Basically, start building a relationship.

  2. So you can see what you look like when a true professional photographer take photos of you. Sure, passing your smartphone to a friend might get you a quick snapshot, but a professional photographer understands; Light, Composition and Expression. At your FREE Engagement photo session the wedding photographer will explain why we do what we do.

  3. To teach you how to be better models. Can you image practicing on the day of your wedding? Insane. When you shoot your engagement photos the photographer will teach you ways to stand, how to place your hands & even where to look, depending on the image. When you are done, you guys will have a complete knowledge of how little things can be done to improve your photographs from good to great.


Gallery of Engagement Photos taken at Toronto’s famous Distillery District.

Gallery of Engagement Photos taken in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Gallery of Engagement Photos taken at the mill pond in richmond hill, Ontario.