Jean Marcotte is a wildly creative and passionate Toronto wedding photographer. He specializes in natural light wedding photography and is best known for incorporating easy going manner and self effacing sense of humor. With a great attitude and friendly demeanor, Jean is able to connect with his couple and help them to feel ease and look their best while in front of the camera. He believes that capturing the small and simple details of a wedding help to truly represent a couple’s special day. From the sweet smile of a groom’s grandmother as she watches her grandson dance with his new wife to the bride’s veil blowing gently across her face right before the exchanging of rings, Jenna is ready to capture each special moment of a bride and groom’s big day. Additionally, she likes to spend time documenting all of the décor and beautiful details found throughout the venue. From the wedding cake topper and the bride’s shoes to the floral centerpieces and antique dinner plates, each component of a wedding is carefully thought out and should therefore be captured for the bride and groom to look back on and enjoy. Jenna is always happy to meet new, wonderful people and would love to create timeless images of your big day. If you are looking for a Southern California wedding photographer contact Jenna here today!

Jenna is a free spirit with a love for travel whose work takes her all along the Pacific coastline, from the rolling hills of San Luis Obispo’s wine country all the way down to the sandy beaches of San Diego. She constantly craves new scenery and is thrilled to venture out into other cities within the great state of California to capture gorgeous, Southern California wedding photography. California is one of the most visited regions in the world for destination weddings. From the marvelous Orange County beaches and the serene mountains surrounding the Ojai Valley to the Inland Empire’s desert terrain and iconic landmarks of Los Angeles, the vast array of locations that are available to Southern California wedding photographers are truly unlike any otherplace in the nation. Each region within Southern California has it’s own unique identity which makes every major city a special and distinctive place to capture Southern California wedding photography.