8 gig USB Key

8 gig USB Key



When Marianna and I first got Marianna I remember editing wedding videos on 3 VHS decks in the basement of our 1st house. Audio tracks recorded onto a master SVHS tape then copies made. Wow. Quality of VHS was bad. To put it in perspective. VHS resolution is about 10 times worse than any cell phone video taken today.

For the past decade we have been producing DVD and then Blu Ray disks for customers to view their final videos. I've created some incredible menus too!! (Click here to check them out) The problem is, like VHS, DVD and Blu Ray have reached the end of their lives.


  1. The quality of the video and the audio you hear is way better. We export your videos to an HD format called Mp4 or sometime referred to by its codec h.264. The results are cleaner, clearer video and better sound
  2. We future proof your wedding video. No need to go to a place like CanadaHomeMovies.com , (although if you do you will be in the exact same studio as us!!) Having a digital file means you can upload your video directly to YouTube or Facebook and not lose any quality.
  3. BACK UP!!! Over the years dozens of couples have come back to us requesting new copies of their wedding videos because they lost them or DVD's got scratched. USB flash drives can be copied to an unlimited number of computers. Although we suggest uploading to either DropBox, Facebook and any other cloud account for 100% safety.