Toronto Wedding Videography



There is simply nothing better than to hear the sound of your vows, the image of the bride and groom walking out of the ceremony. Wedding Videography is the difference between living the moment and reliving it over and over. Our team of professional videographers and editors do everything in our power to help you relive your wedding day. Creating customized video stories that family and friends will demand to watch over and over again. 

We have a wonderful team of full time videographers who work for us (no subcontractors) Packages start at $1500 plus tax. Make an appointment to review videography packages and options that suite your special day. 

1st look shot at Berkeley Church 2018

1st look shot at Berkeley Church 2018


  • Professional Sony & Canon HD cameras

  • Proof Video (preview video before final copy)

  • GoPro, OSMO stabilization cameras

  • DJI Drones

  • Video Sliders

  • Multi camera shooting at ceremony and venue

  • Dolly, Tripods, Pro Lighting, Back up everything

  • wireless mics

  • Baby Photo Slideshow,

  • Honeymoon Photo slideshow

  • Choice of music & animation

  • Edited 2 hr video on USB as HD h.264 file (Mp4)

  • Professional Blu Ray Disks with Menu

  • Engagement video session, Group Engagement video session

  • Wedding Day slideshow presentation (includes baby photos, engagement shoot)

  • Recap Videos


Professional Sony & Canon HD cameras

We have been using professional Sony and Canon HD cameras for years. They are the best video cameras for capturing the fast pace that videographers face on a typical wedding day. Our equipment is serviced regularly by the professionals at Canon and Sony service.

Proof Video (preview video before final copy)

Probably the MOST significant difference between Sigsphoto and our competition is our willingness to make your final video perfect. A proof video is your guarantee that no matter what, you are going to be happy with your wedding video. Its starts with you completing the wedding video order form. This provides us with the information needed to customize your wedding video to your expectations. Our profesional video editors than spend 30-40 hours editing your wedding video. We then put the proof video onto a USB key and provide you with a copy to review BEFORE we make the final copies. 

GoPro, OSMO stabilization cameras

More recently (past 4 years) we have used a bunch of new style video recording devices such as the GoPro and DJI Osmo cameras to add a different dimension to our wedding videography stories. These are tiny very powerful cameras that allow them to be placed where we sometimes are unable to go. 

DJI Drones

We currently use the DJI Phantom 2, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Mavic and the DJI Spark

Multi camera shooting at ceremony and venue

Wedding ceremonies are very important. It can be argued that the entire wedding day is about those few minutes when you say your vows. Sometime it's extremely difficult to capture the right angle when your officiant stands right in the front or when you ceremony is in a forest or castle. To ensure we get the best view at all times, we use multiple cameras, on tripods to get the shot every, single, time. 

Wireless Mics

Sound is as valuable as what you see. Don't believe? Watch a youtube video without audio. We use professional Shure mic system so that we capture every breath. 

Choice of music & animation

Over the years our team has created a library of over 100 Adobe AfterEffects animations. Including flying text and motion backgrounds. In addition to using music of your choice we also have over 200 non copyrighted wedding songs for use as requested. 


Edited 2 hr video on USB as HD h.264 file (Mp4)

All our videos are shot and edited as high resolution H.264 MP4 HD video. All that footage (ranges from 5-20 hrs of footage depending on the day) is then edited by one of our professional video editors into a 2 hour wedding video. The final copies (upon approval by you) can be put onto a USB or Bluray Disk or DVDs

Professional DVD/Blu Rays

Over the year we have created some INCREDIBLE DVD/ BluRay dick menus. They include animations, audio sound effect, and custom titles. You have never seen DVD menus like this. DVD menus are included in ALL video packages. Package includes a printed BluRay disk that matches the theme of the menu - Click here to see our 4 most popular templates. 

Engagement video session, Group Engagement video session

Over the years we have shot 100s of Engagement Video and group love walks. Typically shot at one of the parks we include in all packages or in some cases on sites you choose. All are custom and involve working with you to make your shoot something special

Wedding Day slideshow presentation (includes baby photos, engagement shoot)

We provide wedding day slideshows including baby photos, engagement photo slideshows in all our packages. For more details click here

Recap Videos

Often we will create 2 very different videos for our clients. One, long form video that includes:

  • Groom

  • Bride

  • Ceremony

  • Park

  • PreReception

  • Reception

  • End of Day

  • Recap

And a second video that is just the Recap. A Recap video a one where we take all the best moments of the wedding day and reedit them into a 5-7 min video. Usually this is the one that bride's and groom's post online, while the long form video is enjoyed by the parents.


Featuring: Casa Loma Arlington Event Centre Fontana Gardens La Premavera Toronto Harbour front - Yankee lady IV Pioneer Village Toronto wedding photographer and wedding videographer. Specializing in movies and photos for couples who appreciate that weddings should be captured as they happen but edited to tell a story that will last a lifetime.