We're Married! Now what?

Rebkah and Mike shot at Venetian Banquet hall in Vaughan Ont.

Rebkah and Mike shot at Venetian Banquet hall in Vaughan Ont.


It all started when...

Congratulations on your wedding!!

The following instructions will help us complete your photography and videography package as proficiently as possible.


Please review the photos either in your gallery or Dropbox share. Note that each image has a file name. It will be the bride’s name followed by a number. This number is the photo number. When you are ready to order click on the order form link. There you will find complete instructions on how to complete your photography order. We will upload samples to your personal page BEFORE printing.

Here is a link to the Photography Order Form page



The wedding video information needed is much simpler. Just click on the link below and fill out the online form. Once we have completed the proof video we will contact you. BEFORE you get your final DVD's or Blu Ray disks you will receive a copy of your video on a USB key for review.  



notes: As explained when booking we will NOT start the wedding video until the photo order has been submitted. If you do not get a submit button on the form then you skipped a mandatory field.