Back to blogging

It's strange, when I was just getting on the Internet. Mm 2009? Damn I’m old. Can't remember. Maybe 2007. I was one of the first wedding photographers in Toronto to set up a daily blog.

Now I find myself back in the position of restarting blog on my website thinking about all the different possibilities.

I'm going to stick to posting images old wedding images and telling little stories. These are mosting local Toronto weddings with a few Floridian ones mixed in.


This is Anna and Bart a wonderful couple from Toronto. I do believe she is Italian and he is Polish. Shot in 2006 this is one of the first Photoshop engagement images where we remove the colour from the background and left just the bride and groom in colour. They used this as one of the three images is that they chose for a collage of three pictures in a frame that was shown at their wedding.

2006 Engagement photograph Toronto Ontario